Thursday, June 19, 2008

Photos from the Annual Student Symposium 2008

This year's annual student symposium took place on Tuesday June 17. There were 24 superb student presentations as well as a hosted lunch and evening reception. Catherine Gibbons won the T. Roy Fukuto award, Melinda Bigelow Dyk and Noriko Nishino were honorable mentions, and Katy Zimmermann received the award for best 1st year student presentation. Dr. Sam Wilson, Acting Director of NIEHS and the National Toxicology Program, and Dr. Sharon Hrynkow, Associate Director of NIEHS, were visiting campus, and agreed to come and make a few remarks at the end of the symposium. Dr. Wilson is an expert in DNA repair and is probably the highest ranking toxicologist in government. Dr. Hrynkow, a neuroscientist by training, has extensive experience in science policy and international outreach. It was nice to hear from them and be able to visit with them in an informal setting. The seminar committee did a great job in planning and organizing the event. Our thanks go to Dawn Huffman and the members of the Student Symposium Committee (Dr. Paul Ziemann, Seminar Chair, Dr. Janet Arey, Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Chris Banks, JP Baquiran, Karla Pliego, and Lynnie Cua and Mae Nillos) for organizing the Symposium and Reception. Photos from the event are posted below.
Dr. Sam Wilson
Dr. Sharon Hrynkow
Drs. Wilson and Hrynkow responding to questions
Bob Krieger receiving the Mentor Award
Award winners: Katy Zimmermann, Noriko Nishino, Catherine Gibbons and Melinda Bigelow Dyk (with Dave Eastmond behind)
Kelly Thrippleton announcing the student choice awards

Katy Zimmerman, Wesley Hunter, Chris Banks, Kristy Richardson, Kelly Thrippleton

Catherine Gibbons, this year's Fukuto award winner.

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