Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spotlight on Bob Krieger's Research

 For many years ETOX faculty member, Bob Krieger (pictured above) and his graduate students have studied pesticide exposure in farm workers.  Their research on exposure to strawberry workers was recently spotlighted by the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources online news.  The article describing his work can be found here.  Be sure to watch the online video which features Gayatri Sankaran (pictured above), one of his ETOX graduate students, and Bob describing their work.  Our congratulations to Bob and Gayatri for this recognition of their research. 

Spotlight on Yinsheng Wang's research

Our congratulations to Yinsheng Wang, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program, whose research was recently spotlighted in UCR Today.  His research group recently published an article in Nature Chemical Biology describing a quantitative assay for assessing the effects of DNA lesions on transcription.  The news release in UCR Today can be accessed here and the article can be accessed here.