Monday, July 23, 2018

Wang Research Published in Science

 Lin Wang, an alumnus of the ETOX Program is currently a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.  He did his dissertation research with Roger Atkinson and Janet Arey.  He is the corresponding author on a nice paper published in Science that describes the influence of sulfuric acid and amine precursor molecules on the formation of new particulates in Shanghai.  The article itself can be found here.  Our congratulations to Lin for this admirable recognition of his research. 

Another Alumnae photo

This spring CNAS Dean Kathryn Uhrich traveled to the Bay area and met with UC Riverside alumni working at Genentech.  Two of our alumnae, Yehong Wang and Jennifer Sasaki who work as scientists for Genentech, met for the first time at the gathering.  Below is a photo that they sent to me of their meeting.  It was great to see the two of them and hear that they are doing well. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Alumnae photo and update - Bhat and Sankaran

Recently, Virunya Bhat, an ETOX alumna and principal scientist at NSF International, was in Singapore for a WHO meeting and was able to get together with Gayatri Sankaran, another ETOX alumna who works for the National Environment Agency of Singapore on air pollution issues.  Both are doing well.  Above is a picture of the meeting that Virunya forwarded to me.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Camacho begins his residency

After completing his Ph.D. and working for a few years, Homero Camacho, ETOX alumnus, decided to go to medical school which he completed this spring.  He recently began a residency program in psychiatry at the UCLA-affiliated Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, California.  Above is a picture of Homero (1st on the left) at this white coat ceremony as he begins his residency.  Our congratulations to Homero.  We wish him success as he begins this new step in his career and begins working full-time treating patients.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Toxicology positions at the FDA

I received the following information from my colleague Dan Levy this morning. 

Various programs within the FDA are looking to hire toxicologists.  More details about the types of positions can be found here.  Dan indicated that they would likely have some openings in the food packaging group within the coming weeks.  If interested, let me know at my UCR address and I can put you in touch with him. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

UCR Tobacco-related Research Highlighted

 Barbara Davis and Monique Williams

The Tobacco-related Disease Research Program website is highlighting the research of two UCR Environmental Toxicology research groups.  The first is an article on a recent paper published by Monique Williams (ETOX grad student) and Barbara Davis (CMDB grad student) (shown in the photo above from the TRDRP website) who work in Prof. Prue Talbot's research group.  The publication is on new heat-not-burn cigarettes and focuses on characteristics of the purchased cigarettes such as quality control, performance and  heating-related changes of these new types of cigarettes.  The second is an article on third-hand smoke and highlights the work of the California Consortium on Thirdhand Smoke Exposure and Human Health of which Prof. Manuela Martins-Green, an ETOX faculty member, plays an important role.  The web article on the heat-not-burn cigarettes can be found here and the one on third-hand smoke can be found here.  Our congratulations to these two groups of researchers. 

More Open Biologist/Toxicologist Positions at the EPA

Heidi Bethel, an ETOX alumna, sent me information about some additional positions at the EPA in the Washington, DC area.  There are two announcements, the first for a permanent GS 12-13 position and the second for a 1 year position for recent graduates at a GS 9-11 level that may become permanent.  Links for more information can be found below.