Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Olaharski seminar on kinases and toxicity

Recently, we have been inviting some of our alumni to discuss their work and to meet with our students. Earlier this month on Feb. 9, Drew Olaharski (Ph.D., 2004) came to campus to present a seminar on some his work at Roche Pharmaceuticals. The seminar was entitled, "Using kinase inhibitory profiles to predict toxicity" and described their studies using information on the types and origins of kinases to predict activity in the in vitro micronucleus test. Drew gave a nice seminar and I found the the work to be quite impressive. We appreciate Drew's visit and wish him continued success. Above is a picture of Drew (on the right) and two of his colleagues with a dendrogram of the human kinome.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Molecular toxicologist position at TERA

I recently received the following position announcement that I thought might be of interest. If you are interested in applying, please see the contact information at the bottom.

Molecular Toxicologist
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) is seeking a molecular toxicologist to help build on our strong history in human health risk assessment and risk science methods. This is a growth position for someone recently completing a Ph.D. or postdoctoral program in toxicology or a related field. Knowledge of risk assessment methods is a plus, but not required. Experience in computational biology and/or PBPK modeling is also a plus. The successful candidate will be actively involved in diverse tasks using knowledge of toxicology and molecular biology, including:

Preparing critical summaries of toxicity, epidemiology, toxicokinetics, and mechanistic studies for comprehensive toxicological reviews.
Learning and applying human health risk assessment guidelines and methods for the development of toxicity values (e.g., RfDs, RfCs) and cancer assessments.
Critically evaluating and applying mechanistic and mode of action data in evaluating the toxicity of chemicals and relevance of animal toxicity findings to humans.
Evaluating and incorporating biomarker data in risk assessment.
Participating on project teams in the development of documents and research projects related to diverse areas of risk assessment science.

TERA is an independent, non-profit corporation with a mission to support the protection of public health through the best use of toxicity and exposure information in the development of human health and ecological risk assessments. TERA offers an exceptional work environment where career growth and development are strongly supported. TERA also offers the atmosphere of a small organization, together with the opportunity to collaborate with leading scientists worldwide. We hire the best people, maximize their talents, and help them achieve their career goals. We are seeking scientists who are energetic, enjoy scientific challenges and technical details, are excellent writers, and are committed to helping shape the future of a dynamic organization to further our contribution to public health protection. Visit our website at>
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Salary: negotiable.
Electronic resumes may be submitted to: Any questions may be directed to Please share with colleagues who may be interested