Saturday, April 12, 2014

Position in Riverside

The USDA is advertising for a Research Molecular Biologist (Plants)/Research Geneticist (Plants) who would be located in Riverside.  The job description indicates that the agency is "seeking permanent, full-time Research Molecular Biologist (Plants)/Research Geneticist (Plants) to: identify plant genes associated with salt tolerance and specific ion toxicity, investigate the molecular mechanisms and genetic diversity associated with plant salt-related stress tolerance, and develop new crop genotypes that are more tolerant of salinity and specific ions."  If you would like more information, see this link at the USA jobs site.   Thanks to Heidi Bethel for sending the information.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Virunya Bhat recognized at the SOT meeting

It was a very good meeting for ETOX student, Virunya Bhat.  She and Dr. Susan Hester of the EPA organized a workshop entitled,  “Toxicogenomic Technologies Can Improve the Assessment of Xenobiotic-induced Liver Injury and Inform Human Relevance”.  They also chaired the session.  I understand that their session was scheduled into a very large room and that it was filled.

On another note, Virunya's paper that was published in Toxicological Sciences was selected by the Risk Assessment Specialty Section as "One of the Best Papers Advancing the Science of Risk Assessment" for 2013.  Each of the authors received a certificate which was presented as the Specialty Section Reception.  Mine (Dr. Eastmond's) is shown below.  More information about Virunya's paper can be found here.  Our congratulations to Virunya for these two nice accomplishments. 

Photos from the SOT meeting (part 3)

Here are some more photos taken by ETOX student Pavan Gollapudi.

Lindley Maryoung

Graciel Diamante

Allison Kupsco and Prof. Dan Schlenk

 Pavan Gollapudi and Dr. Efrem Neuwirth

 Aileen Maldonado (Environmental Science graduate student)