Monday, June 16, 2008

News and a photo from alumna Tracey Varvel

Tracy Varvel (M.S., 2003) is currently working at Ana-Lab Corporation in Kilgore, Texas. She recently sent the photo of her son (above) and the following news update for the annual student symposium. It is nice to hear from her, and it sounds like she is busy but doing well.

My husband and I welcomed our first child July 1, 2007. His name is Mark and he an extremely active little boy. He has been a blessing. Brett and I wonder now why we waited so long to have children.

I returned to work after maternity leave to a new position: Assistant Manager Quality Assurance. The new position and extra responsibilities have been a challenge, especially with a new baby at home. After several months, I am still feeling my way around and trying to get everything organized in my department.

I wish everyone the best of luck with their presentations.

Tracey Varvel
Ana-Lab Corporation

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