Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Positions in biotech company

Below are key parts of an email that was forwarded from one of our alumni Chris Frantz (Ph.D, 1998) that briefly describes two positions that are available at ENZON, a small biotech company. If interested, please contact Brian Xu at the contact numbers below.

Dear Friends,
I just moved on to a new challenging position in ENZON, a small biotechnology company. Enclosed is my new contact information. Please keep in touch.
Additionally, I ask your help. Currently, I have two opening positions:

· Toxicologist with ~3 yr experience in study director/monitor in CRO or pharm/biotech who will participate in drug development teams, develop plans for studies to support regulatory submissions and for research toxicology studies, and work with CRO to develop protocols, execute and monitor studies, review data and review and revise reports for toxicology and safety pharmacology studies, etc.

· Junior PhD scientist with/without working experience who will reviews literature, initiate and conduct investigative tox/metabolism studies.

Please let me know if you know anyone who is available. Thanks.

Best Wishes

J. Brian Xu, MD, PhD, DABT
Director, Drug Safety & Disposition
Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc
20 Kingsbridge Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Tel no. 732-980-4791
Fax no. 732-980-4765

E-mail: brian.xu@enzon.com

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