Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congratulations to Carl Cranor for Distinguished Service Award

Earlier this week, it was announced that Carl Cranor, an ETOX faculty member, was the recipient of the Distiguished Service Award from the UCR Division of the Academic Senate. Congratulations to Carl for this well-deserved recognition. The text of announcement is below.

Professor Cranor has a long history of extraordinary service and dedication to his department, college, and the UCR campus at large. His service to UCR spans approximately three decades and is distinguished by the exceptional number of positions that he has held. Dr. Cranor served as Chair of the Philosophy Department during a period of exceptional growth, as Interim Chair of the History Department, as Acting Chair of the Department of Hispanic Studies on two separate occasions, as Acting Director of Physical Education, and most recently as Chair of the Department of Finance and Management Sciences. He has also served for eight years as Associate Dean of CHASS and for an extended period as the Interim Dean of CHASS.
In addition he has accumulated an impressive history of important committee assignments and contributions to the UCR community. These include taking a leadership role in the establishment of the undergraduate Law and Society major, chairmanship of architectural projects for CHASS, participation in a carcinogen risk assessment project for UCR, and service on particularly demanding Senate committees such as CAP and the Graduate Council.
The letters of nomination for Professor Cranor all stressed his fairness, his willingness to help even in sometimes difficult circumstances, and the high level of trust he engendered in his colleagues. All of his nominators make clear that Professor Cranor’s dedication and service to UCR have been truly extraordinary.

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