Saturday, June 14, 2008

Update and photo from alumna Sharada Balakrishnan

Sharada Balakrishnan (Ph.D., 2002) sends the following update and photo of her husband Nara and their twins (or a photo of the 3 boys as she describes it).

I still work with Wella Corp. (now P&G Professional Care). I completed my DABT certification last year and continue to work on human safety risk assessments of ingredients and finished hair care products. In addition, I work with the Genetox group on genotoxicity assays for hair dyes and other materials. This location of Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs will close in August. I will look for another job in the meantime. At the home front, Arya and Arav are growing up fast (2+ yrs old now) and keeping us super busy. Nara continues to work close to home (which is a blessing).

Wishing all the very best to the graduate students and the professors of the ETOX program. Enjoy the seminar day.

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