Sunday, June 1, 2008

News and photo from alumna Ling Wang

Below is a message received from ETOX alumna Ling Wang (Ph.D. 2002) who works at BD Technologies in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. A photo of her two children is above.

Thanks for the inviting message and wish the ETOX symposium is another success. I really look forward to receiveing a booklet this year as somehow I didn't receive one last year.

Thanks Dr. Eastmond for keeping the blog running which provides an excellent route for us to visit and share the ETOX news. Like I read the news about Jennifer Sasaki and her husband's visit to UCR in April, and I actually met Jennifer early this month (May) at a conference in Boston. It was a pleasant surprise and I really enjoyed the interaction with her.

During the past year working for BD Technologies, I've been continuously responsible for the development and applications of a flow cytometry-based screening technology for cellular surface protein characterization--BD FACS™ CAP (Combinational Antibody Profile). It has been rather successful this year not only as a R&D project but also has become a stand-alone service provided by BD. So far we have successfully serviced two industrial customers for the characterization of their proprietary stem cells. If interested in more details, you are more than welcome to visit the following links where you would see what's my work about. Now we are aiming to develop the next generation of this platform.
Click here or here for more information.

As a family, we continue to enjoy the busy but peaceful life in North Carolina. Amy will soon be a second grader and Ethan is in his threes. We send Amy to a local Chinese language school every Saturday, and attached is a picture of her and Ethan taken during a picnic sponsored by the Chinese school just yesterday.

Look forward to hearing news from everyone, and best wishes to everyone!

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