Thursday, July 10, 2008

Faculty News Update

Over the past several months, there have been a number of significant events that have involved the ETOX Program faculty. Several notable ones are listed below.

Bill Jury, a renowned scientist and expert in chemical movement through soils, retired from the university at the end of June, and has now joined the ranks of the emeritus faculty.

Andrew Chang, an agricultural engineer and director of the UC Center of Water Resources, retired earlier this year, and has also joined the emeritus faculty ranks. We wish both Bill and Andrew the best as they begin this new phase of life.

Lisa Stein, an environmental microbiologist in the Department of Environmental Sciences, has accepted an offer from the University of Alberta in Canada, and will soon be leaving UCR to join the faculty there. We will miss her.

Paul Ziemann, professor of Environmental Sciences, as accepted the position of Director of the Air Pollution Research Center. He replaces Roger Atkinson who has served as the Director for 13 years. We wish Paul success in leading APRC.

David Eastmond, currently the Program chair, has accepted the position as Chair of the Department of Cell Biology & Neuroscience. He replaces Sarjeet Gill who will be going on sabbatical leave this upcoming year. Until a replacement is identified, Dave will be chairing both organizations.

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