Sunday, July 13, 2008

News and photos from alumni Cindy Giver and Eric Gilbert

Below is a message and some nice photos that were sent by Cindy Giver (Ph.D. 1997) who is married to Eric Gilbert (Ph.D. 1997).

Eric and I have boy/girl twins named Abby and Coby. They will turn 2 years old next month! With both of us in academic jobs, we definitely have our hands full! They are growing so fast and talking more all the time. We recently had the pleasure of a brief visit from Andrew Grosovsky, who came to Atlanta for an educational conference. It was great to spend some time with him, he came to see where I work at Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute, and even came to Coby and Abby's preschool. He also got to talk with Eric and they noted many similarities between Eric's school, Georgia State University, and Andrew's new school, University of Massachusetts, Boston. I'm also including a photo taken last year, when Leslie Smith [(Ph.D. 1996)] came to town for an art show. It was so nice to see her and do some catching up. We have also been lucky to see Mike McCullar [(Ph.D. 1996)] a few times in recent years because the American Society of Hematology Meeting that he and I both attend was in Atlanta. So if any of you ETOX alumni out there are ever in Atlanta for a meeting or just passing through, e-mail me and let's get together!
Eric, Andrew and Cindy
Cindy, Leslie, Eric and kids
Abby and Coby

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