Friday, March 27, 2015

UCR at the SOT Meeting

The 54th annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology meeting was held this week in San Diego and UCR was well represented.  According to my information, we had 16 graduate students in attendance (14 from the ETOX program), 3 faculty members, one postdoctoral fellow and numerous alumni.  A couple of notable items.  Alumna Virunya Bhat made an oral presentation in a special risk assessment session and was the author or co-author on 4 or 5 posters or presentations.  She was also recognized for service on the Risk Assessment Specialty Section.  Drew Olaharski is the president of the Drug Discovery Specialty Section and played a key role in its activities.  Prue Talbot gave on oral presentation on the use of embryonic stem cells to assess prenatal toxicity of environmental toxicants.  She was also a co-author on 5 posters with her students.  I only saw a fraction of those in attendance and remembered to take pictures of only some of those I saw.  Below are pictures from the meeting and its environs.

Pavan Gollapudi presenting his research 
(My thanks to Virunya Bhat for taking the photo)

 Efrem Neuwirth

 David Eastmond and Jennifer Sasaki

Sculpture across from the convention center

 Sharada Balakrishnan, David Eastmond and Lok "Tom" Tam

 From the railroad station

 Scott Coffin

 Monique Williams

 View from outside of the convention center

Sculpture outside of the convention center

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