Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 Annual Student Symposium

The annual student symposium was held yesterday at the Botanical Gardens. Twenty-three students presented updates on their dissertation or thesis research. The presentations were all of high quality and it was great to see range of research being conducted by students of the program. Katie Zimmermann won the Futuko award for the outstanding presentation. Zhenshan Chen and Ashley Swanson were recognized as honorable mentions and Shuo Liu was recognized with the Best First Year Presentation award. Zhenshan Chen also received the Student's Choice Award. Dr. Eastmond received the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award for 2010-11. Our thanks to all of the speakers and a special congratulation to the award winners. We would also like to thank the Student Symposium Committee (Dr. Paul Ziemann, Chair, Katie Zimmermann, Richard Belcher, Laurel Dodgen, and Ashley Swanson) for doing an excellent job in organizing the event. We would like to give a special thanks for Dr. Janet Arey for contacting the alumni for updates on their activities. Below are pictures from the event.

Lei Guo's presentation

A group photo during the symposium. There was a very good turn-out of students, faculty and lab members.

The first of a series of photos taken during dinner - Thai food from Best Thai.

From the left: Dr. Yinsheng Wang, the Program Director with the award winners, Shuo Liu, Katie Zimmermann, Ashley Swanson, and Zhenshen Chen.

Gayatri Sankaran, the ETOX mini-GSA representative presenting Zhenshan Chen with the Student's choice award.

Gayatri Sankaran presenting Dr. David Eastmond with the faculty mentor award.

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