Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Positions at EPA

Thanks to ETOX alumna Heidi Bethel who forwarded the information below:

Please circulate the following information to individuals in your
organization and anyone who may be interested in applying for this

The Ecosystem Assessment Branch (EAB), of the Gulf Ecology Division
(GED), National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory
(NHEERL), Office of Research and Development (ORD) located in Gulf
Breeze, Florida, is currently advertising for the position of Research
Ecologist (GS-0408 12/13). Two vacancy announcements have been posted on
the Office of Personnel Management website, USA JOBS at under the following numbers:

Research Ecologist, GS-0408-12/13

RTP-MP-2008-0394 (open to Federal competitive status eligibles and
other special groups as listed in the announcement)

RTP-DE-2008-0182. (open to all U.S. citizens)

The vacancy announcements close November 12, 2008.

Duties and Responsibilities: At the full performance level, the
incumbent conducts estuarine and coastal research to improve
understanding of ecosystem condition and production of ecological
services associated with anthropogenic stressors. Stressors of interest
include, but are not limited to, changes in nutrient loading, habitat
alterations, contaminants, and changing watershed attributes. Projects
may include mathematical modeling of coastal ecosystems, using both
established and innovative methods in systems ecology, demographic
analysis, geo-spatial analysis, and multivariate statistical analysis to
improve understanding of complex coastal ecosystems and their links to
the terrestrial landscape for use in making predictions for the outcomes
of management alternatives. The incumbent will develop ecosystem
services models at multiple spatial and temporal scales and provide
leadership to the Coastal Assessment and Services research team at the
Gulf Ecology Division which is currently focused on quantifying and
valuating ecological services in wetlands and other ecosystems in
coastal landscapes such as the Tampa Bay region. Coordination with a
larger group of Ecological Research Program scientists is necessary to
facilitate integration across multiple ecological service projects.
Research findings will be disseminated through peer-reviewed
publications, reports and presentations, and the incumbent will assist
in outreach and technology transfer to EPA program and regional offices.
The incumbent will help in setting research directions and
implementation of field and laboratory research to support EPA's
strategic goals for quantifying ecological services, assessing water
quality, and healthy ecosystems. The development and participation in
scientific partnerships with state agencies, federal agencies, and
academic institutions will be needed to achieve research goals.

The US EPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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