Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 Annual Student Symposium

On Wednesday and Thursday June 21-22, the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program held its annual student symposium.  From all accounts, it was another great event.  Below is listing of the award winners, organizing committee members, photos of the event, etc. that were provided by Lauren Walker.  The photos were taken by Sara Vliet and Preston Williams.  Our thanks to all who helped make this an outstanding and memorable event.

Awards and Recognitions (descriptions are below the photos)

Fukuto Outstanding Presentation Award Recipient
Ming Huang

Fukuto Award Honorable Mentions
Yichong Fan
Lauren Walker
Nicole Sparks (not pictured)

Best First Year Presentation
Constance Mitchell
Su Guo
Tianyu Qi

Student's Choice Award
Samuel Patton

ETOX DYP and GRMP Fellowship Recipients
Nicole Williams (DYP)
Corey Griffith (GRMP)

 Peer-to-Peer by Mini-GSA
Since 2016, the ETOX Mini-GSA has recognized our peers' achievements during the academic year during the Symposium reception. These achievements include receiving travel and achievement awards, research fellowships and grants, and manuscript publications  By recognizing our peers, we publicly acknowledge their contributions to the sterling reputations of UC Riverside and our local community of scholars.
Luisa Becker Bertotto (not pictured)
Scott Coffin
Yichong Fan
Marissa Giroux (not pictured)
Nicole Sparks (not pictured)
Sara Vliet
Lauren Walker

Faculty Advisor of the Year Award
Dr. Sarjeet Gill

Raffle Fundraiser
The ETOX Mini-GSA hosted an inaugural raffle fundraiser at this year's Symposium, which was a major hit! Dawn Loyola, Justin Dingle, and Sara Vliet all one a fabulous "mystery" prize.
The money raised will be invested in Mini-GSA hosted events for ETOX graduate students in the 2017-2018 academic year.

2017-2018 ETOX Mini-GSA representatives
Sara Vliet-President
Stefani Andrews-Vice President
Constance Mitchell-Communications Co-chair
Stacia Dudley-Secretary
Corey Griffith-Outreach Chair
My "Crystal" Hua-Communications Co-chair
Lauren Walker-Past President

Symposium Planning Committee
Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Symposium Faculty Chair
Lauren Walker, Student Committee Chair
Constance Mitchell
Sajleen Phagura
Marcus Pennington
Stacia Dudley
Jianan Sun
Marissa Giroux
Sara Vliet
Corey Griffith
Stefani Andrews
Jin Chen
My "Crystal" Hua
Nicole Williams
Sam Hinman
Yichong Fan

General photos of the event

Three of the current graduate students are expecting.  A photo of the three mothers-to-be is below.

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