Monday, November 7, 2016

STEM Outreach by ETOX Graduate Students

On October 29, a number of Environmental Toxicology graduate students volunteered to assist with outreach in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields at the Riverside County Office of Education Science Fair Expo.  As described by Lauren Walker, one of the volunteers, "the Riverside County STEM system puts together a Science Fair Expo every couple of years at the Riverside Office of Education near downtown Riverside. The event aims to help students develop ideas for their science fair projects by providing one-on-one consultations, presentations (e.g., how to design and present a science project), and hands-on activities/exhibitions run by STEM experts)".

Continuing Lauren's description, "Sara Vliet, My (Crystal) Hua, Corey Griffith, and I all served as consultants. Corey Griffith, Nicole Williams, Stefani Andrews and I also ran a hands-on chromatography exhibit demonstrating how chromatography can be used to identify water contaminants. Many students (and parents!) dropped by their booth and had a lot of fun separating out food dye "contaminants" from our "contaminated water" (i.e., pureed spinach plus food dye). A few of the students told me after visiting that the activity was "really cool" and wanted to do something similar for their own science fair projects. Overall, the day was a great success thanks to the efforts of our student planning committee: Stefani Andrews, Corey Griffith, Samuel Hinman, My Hua, Marcus Pennington, Nicole Williams, Sara Vliet, and myself."

Our appreciation to these students for their outreach efforts.  Below are pictures of the event provided by Lauren.
Nicole Williams, Corey Griffith, Lauren Walker and Crystal Hua working with students.  

Nicole Williams working with some students.  

Stefani Andrews talking to a parent.

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