Tuesday, June 14, 2016

News from Alumna Wendy Hwang-Verslues

With the upcoming annual student symposium, we are hearing from alumni and friends of the Program.  Below is a message and picture received from Wendy Hwang-Verslues.

Hi from Taiwan! Two months after sharing my research in the E-Tox seminar last March, I came to Taiwan for an interview in the Genomics Research Center in Academia Sinica. Finally! After working as a postdoc and research scientist for a long time, I can run my own lab and have some lab rats to work on my research ideas.

Dexter (now 5) and Chase (now 2) have been adjusted their "St. Louis" life style to "Taipei" life style. It took a while, but now Dex can speak fluent Chinese and understand some Taiwanese. As for Chase, he is still speaking his alien language but respond to both English and Chinese. The kids language ability obviously is a big stimuli to their Dad, Paul, who now is taking a language class offered by Sinica and has Dex as his private tutor. We all enjoy the busy but convenient life style here although sometimes we miss the good old time in the US.

Etox and UCR are getting better and bigger! I sincerely wish you all a great symposium and a wonderful summer!

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