Sunday, June 21, 2015

Annual Student Symposium 2015

On Thursday and Friday June 18-19, the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program held its annual student symposium at the UCR Botanical Gardens.  It was a memorable event with 45 excellent presentations - 13 from new students, 29 from continuing students and 3 from our NIEHS postdoctoral trainees. The award winners this year were:  Allison Kupsco who won the Fukuto award, Nicole Sparks, Nicole Williams, Samuel Hinman, and Stefanie Andrews were recognized as honorable mentions.  Corey Griffiths was selected for the best 1st year student presentation and Shuo Liu was recognized with the students choice award.  Bob Krieger was selected for the outstanding mentor award.  Below are pictures from the event.

Allison Kupsco giving her presentation on selenium

Graciel Diamante making her presentation on 2-hydroxychrysene.

Edmond Sanganyado speaking about chiral pesticides

Kristin Schrieber speaking about a flood tolerance gene and iron toxicity in rice

 Fukuto Award winner Allison Kupsco and ETOX Director Yinsheng Wang

 Honorable mentions Nicole Sparks, Director Yinsheng Wang, Nicole Williams, Stefani Andrews and Sam Hinman

Prof. Yinsheng Wang and Corey Griffiths, winner of the best 1st year student presentation

Lauren Walker and Marcus Pennington with Shuo Liu (center), winner of the students' choice award

Sajleen Phagura receiving the ETOX faculty mentor award for Dr. Bob Krieger who was unable to attend on Friday. 

Dawn Loyola receiving a gift from the graduate students from Lauren Walker

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