Friday, June 28, 2013

Annual Student Symposium and Award Winners

On June 21, the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program held its Annual Student Symposium.  I was only able to attend during the morning session but the presentations that I saw were all very good.  The winners of the best student presentation awards and the titles of their presentations are listed below. 

T. Roy Fukuto Outstanding Student Presentation

Shuo Liu, “Quantitative analysis of Tet-induced oxidation products of 5-methylcytosine in human cells and mammalian tissues”

Honorable mention
Monique Williams, “Evaluation of the design, performance, and emissions of electronic cigarettes”

Honorable mention
Eric Stephens, “Analysis of cell surface membrane proteins in a metastatic melanoma cell line”

Honorable mention
Lindley Maryoung, “Molecular and physiological impacts of hypersaline acclimitation on the sublethal toxicity of chlorpyrifos to salmonid olfaction”

Best presentation by a 1st year student
Nicole Sparks, “Predicting skeletal teratogenicity: An alternative approach with pluripotent stem cells”

Students' Choice Award
Ashley Swanson, "In-Vitro Replication Studies of Ribonucleotides in DNA"

The outstanding faculty mentor award was presented by the students to Prof. Jay Gan. 

Our congratulations to these students and Dr. Gan for their fine work and excellent presentations.

Below are a few pictures from the event. 

ETOX Program Director Yinsheng Wang with Prof. Dan Schlenk looking on. 

 From the left: Lindley Maryoung, Yinsheng Wang, Eric Stephens, Nicole Sparks, and Shuo Liu

Students' Choice award winner - Ashley Swanson

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