Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Postdoctoral position at EPA

National Center for Environmental Assessment - Research Triangle Park Division has a postdoctoral research participant position posted on the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education program. The postdoctoral researchers would participate in analyses and contribute to scientific assessment activities related to the health and environmental effects of the criteria air pollutants (nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and lead).

At present, we are seeking postdoctoral candidates with expertise in the areas of:
- Ecology
- Biostatistics
- Biology/Toxicology/Health Sciences


Please feel free to circulate this announcement, or call if you have any questions. Thank you.

Mary A. Ross, Ph.D.
Environmental Media Assessment Group
National Center for Environmental Assessment
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
109 T.W. Alexander Drive, Mail Code B243-01
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
919-541-5170 (phone)
919-541-1818 (fax)

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