Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ETOX alumni photos from the SOT meeting in Washington DC

The 50th anniversary meeting of the Society of Toxicology took place earlier this month in Washington DC. I was able to attend and enjoyed seeing a number of ETOX students and alumni. Below are some of their pictures including photos from a dinner that ~8 of us attended on Tuesday night. Present at the meeting but who I didn't see or didn't get a photograph of were Lindley Maryoung (current student), Dan Schlenk (professor), Maik Schuler (former postdoc), Shambhu Roy (former postdoc), Xiaofei Zhang (alumnus), and possibly Ryan Williams (alumnus) and Hongwei Chen (alumnus) who I believe I saw from a distance.

Drew Olaharski (alumnus, Roche) and Sharada Balakrishnan (alumna, consultant)

Jim Keenan (alumnus, Environ)

Zhenshan Chen and Gayatri Sankaran (current students, Krieger lab)

Chris Banks (alumnus, postdoc at UC Davis)

Chris Banks and Zhenshan Chen

Heidi Bethel (alumna, EPA)

Gayatri Sankaran and Catherine Gibbons (alumna, EPA) holding Heidi Bethel's toddler

Xiaoqin Ye (alumna, faculty member, University of Georgia)

Sculpture in the convention center that I liked.

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