Sunday, October 3, 2010

ETOX Program Ranks High in the Recent NRC Graduate Program Evaluation

UCR's Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program did quite well in the ranking of U.S. graduate programs that was recently published by the National Research Council. In the evaluation, twenty parameters were considered based largely on the 2005-06 academic year and the preceding 5 year period. The results are presented as ranges and the following summaries are based on the S-ranking data compiled by the UCR Graduate Division. Among the programs in the area of pharmacology, toxicology and environmental health, the ETOX Program ranked 29th of 115 which falls in upper 25%. Among the 27 programs with an emphasis in toxicology (based on the program name), our program ranked 5th. This is a nice recognition of the efforts of the students, faculty and administration who have contributed to the program over the years. Direct comparisons of specific programs can be made by using the Chronicle of Higher Education's interactive tool that can be found here.

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