Thursday, June 17, 2010

News from Alumna Heidi Bethel

Heidi Bethel (Ph.D. 2002) sent in the following update and photos for the annual student symposium. Sorry, I am slow getting them posted.

This has been a great year! We purchased our first home in Springfield, Virginia in July of 2009. And, we had a baby boy, Jason Singh Chillar, born in February, 2010. We spent most of the year trying to get our house ready for the baby and we still continue to work on renovation projects and decorating. We are really happy that we were able to move into a house for Jason and we look forward to seeing him run around our 1/3 acre lot. Kris is having a lot of fun working on the yard!

I am still working at EPA in the Office of Water on ambient water quality standards and I will be returning back to work in late summer.

Good luck to everyone on the seminar day presentations and congratulations to those graduating.

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