Sunday, March 21, 2010

ETOX Gathering at SOT in Salt Lake City

The annual Society of Toxicology meeting was held in Salt Lake City this year. There were a good number of former ETOX students, faculty and one current student attending. On Monday March 8, a group of us got together for dinner at Himalayan restaurant serving Nepalese and Indian food. Below is a photo from the dinner as well as a couple of others that I took. In addition to those listed below, Drew Olaharski, James Keenan, Chris Frantz, and Bob Krieger also attended the meeting.

Xiaofei Zhang, Catherine Gibbons, David Eastmond, Jennifer Sasaki, Si Bui, and Ryan Williams at the Himalayan restaurant.

Xiaoqin Ye, an assistant professor at the University of Georgia with one of her graduate students

Salt Lake City is my home town so I have to include a picture of Mt. Olympus, one of my favorite mountains in the area.

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