Tuesday, November 24, 2009

News and photos from Alumna Fabienne Reisen

Fabienne Reisen (Ph.D. 2003) is currently working at CSIRO in Melbourne Australia where she is applying her knowledge of atmospheric chemistry and air pollution to study the effects of wildfires. Above are two pictures of Fabienne collecting samples for a project on greenhouse gas emissions from savanna burning. As she described it in a recent email, "it has been an amazing experience. We camped out for about a week in Arnhem Land east of Kakadu NP, collecting smoke samples from prescribed burns. There were about 150 people involved in the project, about 50 scientists and 100 indigenous rangers. During the days we were busy collecting our samples, and in the evening I had a bit of time to go exploring and go swimming in the river. There are some amazing rock art galleries in the area. I've been back up there again the last few weeks, and I've just got back to Melbourne last night."

Fabienne has been offered a permanent position at CSIRO and has applied to become a permanent resident of Australia. Our congratulations to Fabienne! We think she will be our first Aussie alumna. She was already our first from Luxembourg.

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