Sunday, April 13, 2008

UCR well represented at the UC Toxics Annual Meeting at the Mission Inn

On April 11-12, the systemwide UC Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program held its annual meeting at the Mission Inn in Riverside. A number of our students who are receiving support from the Program presented posters and Jay Gan gave a nice talk about his research on pyrethroids. In addition, a substantial number of our students and faculty attended. Below are a series of photos that my wife Elizabeth and I took at the symposium.

Opening reception. See if you can find the 3 UCR students.

Karla Pliego

Heather (Yehong) Wang

Mae Nillos, JP Baquiran and Dr. Dan Schlenk

Melinda Bigelow, Katy Zimmermann, Karla Pliego and Cathy Cathers

Dr. Bob Krieger

Yanhong Li

Homero Camacho

Mae Nillos and Catherine Gibbons

Catherine Gibbons, Karla Pliego and Katy Zimmermann

Karla Pliego, Cathy Cathers, Elizabeth Eastmond, Katy Zimmermann, Noriko Nishino, Melinda Bigelow
Yong Jiang, Yanhong Li, Wesley Hunter

Drs. John Knezovich and David Eastmond

Dr. Jay Gan

Zhenshan Chen and Sukon Aimanant

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