Saturday, September 29, 2007

Photos from the ETOX Fall Social and New Student Reception

On Sept. 28, an unseasonably cool Friday evening, the ETOX annual Fall Social and New Student reception was held at David and Elizabeth Eastmond's house. Thirty-four students, faculty and friends attended and enjoyed both good food and great company. Some photos are below.

Before the party.
Lei Ren and his wife with Chang Liu. Lei and Chang are new ETOX students.
Leslie Hasegawa, Su Bum Lee, a new ETOX student, and Catherine Gibbons. Cindy LaRive, a Chemistry faculty member is in the background.

Kelly Thrippleton, her friend Ken, Katie Zimmermann, a new ETOX student, and Noriko Nishino.

Wesley Hunter with his new wife Katie.

Bob Krieger with a group of students.

An art shot.

Karla Pliego, Sarjeet Gill, and Leslie Hasegawa.

Dave Eastmond with Haizheng Hong and her husband, Dalin Shi (a former UCR Env. Sci. student who is now studying at Princeton).

Catherine Gibbons and Karine Le Roch, a new Cell Biology faculty member.

Dr. Mary Ann Rempel with her new husband, Brian, and friend Ola (a former UCR Env. Sci. student)

Cindy LaRive and Janet Arey.

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