Friday, July 6, 2007

Photos from the Annual Student Symposium 2007

This year's annual student symposium took place on Friday June 22. There were 27 fine student presentations as well as a hosted lunch and evening reception. Cary Coburn won the Fukuto award, Chris Banks was an honorable mention, and Zhenshan Chen received the award for best 1st year student presentation. Andrew Grosovsky received a special award for his service over the years to the ETOX Program. Music during the reception was provided by the Mill Creek Boys. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. People were partying until 9:30 or 10 pm. Our thanks go to Deidra Kornfeld and the members of the Student Symposium Committee (Dr. Andrew Grosovsky, Seminar Chair, Dr. Janet Arey, Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Chris Banks, JP Baquiran, Cary Coburn, Karla Pliego, and Kristy Richardson) for organizing the Symposium and Reception. Photos from the event are posted below.

Cary Coburn receiving the Fukuto Award.

Chris Banks receiving the Honorable Mention award.

Zhenshan Chen receiving the award for best first year student presentation.

Andrew Grosovsky receiving an award for outstanding service to the Program.

Additional photos from the reception.

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